COVID-19 Pandemic Notice

Circuit Court Clerk’s Office will be closed to the public at close of business March 16 through close of business April 6, 2020. Staff will be available to respond to telephonic inquiries and to process land records electronic e-filings.  Courts will have a few predetermined cases go forward, most by video.  We continue to determine ways to serve the public in other manners than our normal way of business. 

All questions relating to cases and continuances should be directed to the Clerk’s Office (540) 658-8750/4255.

General District Court is closed to the public in response to this pandemic, the order of the Supreme Court of Virginia declaring a judicial emergency pursuant to Virginia Code 17.1-330.  All cases between March 17th, 2020 & April 6th, 2020 will be continued, with the exceptions of Arraignments, Video Bond Hearings, and Protective Orders. The Court asks that unless you are a party or a witness, please consider staying home.

All questions relating to cases and continuances should be directed to the Clerk’s Office (540) 658-8935

Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court will be open; however, closed to the public and all court hearings will be rescheduled for a later date (except all protective orders, Department of Social Services, and juvenile detention cases.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, if you have received notice of a driver’s license ceremony for Monday March 23, 2020, please come to the Juvenile and Domestic Relations clerk’s office any time from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Monday to receive your Driver’s License. As a convenience to all, parents will not be required to appear with their child to pick up the license. Once the pandemic has passed, the clerk’s office will resume our regular ceremony procedure. Please note that you are required to turn in your learner’s permit and temporary (paper) driver’s license in order to receive your license from the clerk.

If the juvenile or parent does not wish to come pick up their Driver’s License the juvenile will receive notice of a new license ceremony date after July 1.

Rappahannock Juvenile Center is open, however NO OUTSIDE VISITORS allowed under further notice.  There is limited visitation for court officers.  Please call ahead at (540) 658-1691. 

About the County's Court System

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