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The Planning and Zoning Department provides guidance to the Board of Supervisors and appointed Boards and Commissions in developing the vision of Stafford County. This guidance ensures future orderly development and economic growth that is reflective of the community’s desires and needs. 

Stafford County treats all applications and applicants equally.  The County does not discriminate against religion, or on the basis of race, sex, age, national origin, or disability, in its planning, permitting, utilities,  and land use processes.  Stafford welcomes all.

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Application Submittal Policy Change

Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Plan Amendment

Bike and Pedestrian Facilities Plan Update

On September 3, 2019, the Stafford County Board of Supervisors adopted a new Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Plan, which is an element of the County's Comprehensive Plan.  This Plan serves as a framework for the development of shared use paths, sidewalks, and other accommodations at both the countywide and neighborhood level.  

Are you experiencing streambank or shoreline erosion on your property?

The Virginia Shoreline Erosion Advisory Service, or SEAS, was established in 1980 to help private landowners and localities in Virginia with shoreline erosion problems.  Services are free of charge in tidal and non-tidal areas of the state.

  1. Application Submittal Policy Change Notification

    Notice to all applicants, developers, engineers, surveyors, and any other person who may submit applications and plans for Planning and Zoning development reviews. Read on...
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