Existing Business

Update Business Property Records

All changes to your business must be reported to the Commissioner of the Revenue. Update Mailing and/or location address change
Add/Remove Business Use Vehicle(s) - Used more than 50%
Close Business

Required Annual Business Filings (Due February 15)

Section 58.1-3518: The Code of Virginia requires that ALL tangible personal property (business property) owned, leased, rented, or borrowed as of January 1 of each year, which was used or available for use in a business / profession in Stafford County shall file a return.
Available to file online and the instructions (PDF).

Or the paper version is available below: 2021 Business Property Tax Form (PDF) 2020 Business Property Tax Form (PDF) 2019 Business Property Tax Form (PDF) 2018 Business Property Tax Form (PDF)

Business Certificate Renewal Checklist

In order for a business to renew their business certificate they must: 1. Register with Economic Development, Community Development (permits), Commissioner of Revenue  
2. Complete and return Annual Business Filling by February 15
3. Pay the first-half Business Property tax bill by June 5 of that year
If Business Property tax is paid after the due date, then will need to pay second-half Business Property tax bill by December 5

Closed or Sold Your Business? (NO FEE)

If the business has closed, moved or changed ownership, then the business owner must complete and return the Closed Business Affidavit stating such.
Available to complete online or printable (PDF).

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