Availability Application Form

  1. Application for Existing Home/Building (disconnect from well)
  2. Application for New Construction
  1. Sewer Availability Charges
  2. Water Availability Charges

Stafford County Code, Sec. 25-28. - Wastewater disposal availability charges.

 (a) An application for sewer service shall be made for connection to the public wastewater disposal system. The application shall be made prior to the issuance of a building or plumbing permit. The amount of the availability charge shall be based upon the class of user, estimated water consumption, and the rates in effect at the time of payment. The availability charge shall be payable prior to the issuance of an occupancy permit for new structures or before issuance of a plumbing permit for existing structures. The requirement for payment of a sewer availability charge for an industrial user requiring a meter larger than four (4) inches may, at the option of the administrator, be satisfied by the execution and recordation of a sewer availability charge agreement between the industrial user and Stafford County. Each such proposed agreement shall be a separate matter and shall be approved by the board of supervisors.

​   (b) There shall be an availability charge for new single-family residences and existing single-family residences already having on-site systems. The above availability charge shall be reduced by one-half for existing single-family residences owned and occupied by persons who qualify for tax relief under section 23-57 of the Stafford County Code.

​   (c) There shall be an availability charge for multifamily dwelling units (apartments, mobile home parks, etc.) The fee shall be charged for each dwelling unit.

​    (d) The availability charge for all other applicants shall be based upon the meter size.

​    (e) Subsequent changes, modifications or alterations of existing services that increase the size of the water meter are subject to additional availability charges on the basis of the larger meter. No building permit or certificate of occupancy shall be valid unless all additional charges have been paid. There will be no refund of charges where demand is decreased; however, if a customer paid an availability fee and has not connected to the public sewer system, or has been a pump and haul customer who no longer requires pump and haul services, the department may repurchase the wastewater availability contract at the price originally paid by the customer, less any outstanding bill amounts.

​    (f) The size of all water meters are subject to review and approval by the director.

​    (g) The requirement for payment of the wastewater availability, connection, and construction charges for an existing structure, or for an addition to an existing structure presently connected at the time of the application, or for a new residence constructed by an individual (or a builder hired by such individual) who owns the property upon which the residence is being built and who intends to reside therein may, at the option of the county administrator, be satisfied by the execution and recordation of a wastewater availability charge agreement between the property owner and the county administrator,to be prepared by the director. The agreement shall provide for payment of the wastewater availability charge by monthly installments during a term not to exceed thirty-six(36) months, and shall contain appropriate provisions for acceleration upon the sale or transfer of the property or upon a breach of terms of the agreement, and for termination of service upon a breach of terms. Where an applicant has made a prior application for water service in accordance with subsection 25-27(g) of the Stafford County Code, the above thirty-six (36) months' installment term shall commence the next month following the termination of the thirty-six (36) installment period for the water service. Payments made pursuant to this section shall also include an administrative fee which shall be payable at time of application. A ten (10) percent penalty shall be paid for late payments.

​    (h) The appropriate minimum monthly wastewater service fee shall be paid commencing within ninety (90) days after the availability charge is paid regardless of whether the property,including vacant property, is connected or not.

​    (i) A deposit shall be required when agreeing to connect to a proposed sewer main constructed in accordance with the neighborhood water and sewer line extension policy. Should the sewer main not be constructed, the deposit shall be returned without interest.