Utilities Construction Projects

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Claiborne Run Parallel Force Main

  • Required to facilitate additional growth
  • Projected Completion Date - July 2019 Phase 1A - End of 2019 Phase 1B
  • Construct a parallel 24-inch sewer force main from the Claiborne Run Pump Station to the Little Falls Wastewater Treatment Facility - Approximately 23,000 linear feet force main is the main link to the treatment facility from all wastewater collection in the southern part of the County
  • Budget - $3.0 M Phase 1A - $3.5 M Phase 1B

Claiborne Run Sewer Interceptor Replacement

  • To accommodate future flows and replace a current inferior line
  • Projected Completion Date - July 2019
  • Replace 2,500 feet of the existing Claiborne Run gravity sewer interceptor with a 42-inch line
  • Budget - $5.0 M

Falls Run Force Main Replacement

  • To transmit wastewater from the western area of the County to the Little Falls Run Wastewater Treatment Facility
  • Projected completion date - Fall 2021
  • Construct a 24-inch, 12,000 linear foot sewer force main from the Falls Run Pump Station to Jett Drive (SR-1152)
  • Budget - $4.0 M

Falls Run Interstate 95 (I-95) Interceptor Crossing

  • Appurtenances will convey wastewater from the west side of I-95 to the east side of I-95 for the Falls Run Interceptor
  • Projected completion date - Spring/Summer 2019
  • Installation of approximately 650 linear feet of 36-inch gravity sewer line - 600 linear feet of 48-inch steel casing by bore
  • Budget - $1.5 M

Lower Accokeek Pump Station Force Main & Gravity Lines

  • To serve the Southern Courthouse area
  • Projected completion date - Spring 2021
  • Design and construct a 3.0 MGD (millions gallons per day) sewage pumping station and associated force main and gravity lines
  • Budget - $12.0 M

Route 1 (US-1) Wayside Sewer Interceptor

  • To upgrade the collection capacity south of the Aquia Wastewater Treatment Facility and serve increased development in the Courthouse area
  • Projected completion date - June 2019
  • Construct approximately 5,000 feet of 18-inch interceptor gravity sewer line
  • Budget - $3.2 M