Berea Church Road Improvements

2017-12-14 Berea Church Rd Brochure DRAFT


To provide roadway improvements from Warrenton Road (US-17) to Truslow Road (SR-652).  The project includes vertical profile and horizontal improvements for ride and safety.  Drainage will be improved with improved typical section ditches, culverts, and stormwater management ponds for quantity and quality.  An environmental assessment is on-going through the next few months to be followed by design and right-of-way acquisition phases.  

SCHEDULE  (Anticipated)

  • Citizen Information Meeting - December 14, 2017 
  • Public Hearing - June 2018
  • Final Design - Summer 2018
  • Right-of-Way Acquisition  - Begin Fall 2018
  • Construction - Anticipate Fall 2020

COST  (Estimated)

$3.9 M - Other project costs not quantified include costs for right-of-way acquisition, inspections and testing during construction.


- Alex Owsiak P.E. - Transportation Project Manager - (540) 658-4593 -