Courthouse Area - US-1 Improvements

SR-630 US-1 Intersection



The US-1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) & Courthouse Road (SR-630) Intersection Improvement Project will widen approximately 0.65 miles of Route 1 to provide dedicated left-turn lanes onto Courthouse Road and Bells Hill (SR-631) / Hope Road (SR-687).  US-1 will be improved to a 4-lane, divided roadway with a concrete median separating northbound and southbound traffic.  Dedicated left-turn lanes will be added to US-1 at Courthouse Road and the Bells Hill/Hope Road intersection to improve traffic signal function and reduce intersection delays.  Eastbound Courthouse Road will be widened to provide a dedicated left-turn, right-turn, and through lane. Westbound Courthouse Road will be re-striped to provide a dedicated left-turn, right-turn, and through lane.  An 8 foot sidewalk will also be installed along both sides of US-1.


Right-of-Way Acquisitions still underway - Out of 29 parcels impacted, 15 have accepted the County’s Purchase Offer and so far the County has had to utilize its quick-take powers to condemn another 10 parcels so utility relocations can begin this Fall

Anticipate starting utilityrelocations in Fall of 2019 - 3 buildings will need to be demolished before utility relocation can proceed

Anticipate starting utility relocations in December 2019

Anticipate starting construction in Spring 2021 and completing construction by Fall 2022

Public Hearing Brochure - June 9, 2016


Alex Owsiak,  PE - Transportation Project Manager - (540) 658-4593 -