Rezonings, Conditional Use Permits, Comprehensive Plan Amendments / Land Use Applications

  1. Background
  2. Process
  3. Development Review Meetings/New Land Use Applications

Land Use applications are applications that require approval from either the Planning Commission or Board of Supervisors following public hearings. The types of applications include Zoning Reclassifications, Conditional Use Permits, Comprehensive Plan Amendments, and Comprehensive Plan Compliance Review, and are summarized below.

Zoning Reclassification (Rezoning) – changing the zoning classification of land from one district to another or amending previously approved proffered conditions (Proffer Amendment).

Conditional Use Permit – special approval required for certain specified uses in each zoning district that may be deemed more intense than other uses allowed by-right. For example, motor vehicle fuel sales use in the B-2, Urban Commercial zoning district requires a conditional use permit.

Comprehensive Plan Amendment – the process of amending the future land use or policy recommendations in the Comprehensive Plan (Plan). This may include adopting or amending entire elements of the Plan or amending portions including policies or future land use map recommendations.

Comprehensive Plan Compliance Review – the process of reviewing planned public infrastructure (water and sewer lines) or telecommunication facilities (cell towers) against the recommendations in the Comprehensive Plan.