Interstate 95/ Route 630 (Courthouse Road) Interchange Relocation and Route 630 Widening

This $195 million project is rebuilding the Interstate 95 Interchange at Exit 140 (Route 630/Courthouse Road) as a diverging diamond interchange (DDI). The new Courthouse Road aligns with an extended Hospital Center Boulevard, which connects Route 1 directly across from Stafford Hospital.DDI

Project: Courthouse Road Widening 

This project widens Courthouse Road to allow more vehicle capacity. In addition, the project is realigning Ramoth Church Road to Winding Creek Road. A new traffic signal has been added to Colonial Forge High School and Liberty Knolls entrance. A traffic signal will be installed at Ramoth Church and Winding Creek roads in Spring 2019.

Project: Exit 140 Diverging Diamond Interchange ( Opens on Saturday, December 7, 2019)

This project will address existing capacity issues, eliminate substandard vertical clearance for the existing I-95 bridges over Courthouse Road, and accommodate future expansion of both the I-95 and Courthouse Road corridors.

The diverging diamond interchange will decrease congestion, since traffic turning left onto the interstate on-ramp does not have to stop at a signal. The innovative intersection significantly lowers the number of conflict points, where crashes are more likely to occur.

The sleeker design of the diverging diamond interchange requires less property to build, which lowers project cost and minimizes impacts to nearby homes and businesses. 


  • Diverging Diamond Interchanges (DDIs) lower the number of conflict points between vehicles by eliminating left turns.
  • The new interchange briefly shifts vehicles on Courthouse Road to the other side of the road on new overpass bridges, which allows drivers to merge left onto the I-95 northbound and southbound ramps without stopping at a traffic signal.
  • A wider Courthouse Road provides more lane capacity, and a new connection with Route 1. 
  • The intersection Ramoth Church Road and Winding Creek Road has been realigned. New traffic signals were added to the entrance of Colonial Forge High School and the Liberty Knolls subdivision, and the intersection of Ramoth Church Road and Winding Creek Road. 
  • Two new Park & Ride lots with a combined 1,100 parking spaces are under construction as part of this project. The new lots are located east of I-95. During construction, a temporary lot remains open with 545 parking spaces to provide continuous Park & Ride access at Exit 140. 
  • By July 2020, the finished Park & Ride lots will open with a dedicated pickup and dropoff area for buses, carpools, vanpools and public transit.                      

Major Milestones 

July 2017: Construction begins

December 7, 2019: Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) opens to traffic, along with the four-lane, extended Hospital Center Boulevard from Route 1 to the new Courthouse Road and DDI 

Late December 2019: Final I-95 southbound exit ramp opens, and four lanes of Courthouse Road open between Austin Ridge Drive and Ramoth Church Road/Winding Creek Road

July 31, 2020: All construction work complete


- Beau Hoyt - VDOT Area Construction Engineer - (540) 899-4288 / EMAIL

- Kelly Hannon - VDOT Communications Manager - (540) 374-3344 / EMAIL

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