Courthouse Road Widening & Interchange with I-95 Relocation

VDOT - I-95 & SR-630
US-1 - SR-460 - I-95


- The Interstate 95 (I-95) Interchange at Exit 140 (Courthouse Road - SR-630) will be rebuilt as a diverging diamond interchange. 
The interchange will be relocated slightly south of the existing interchange. 
- The project will also relocate the intersection of Courthouse Road and Jefferson Davis Highway (US-1) to the south to align with Hospital Center Boulevard. 
- Courthouse Road will be widened to four lanes between US-1 and I-95.  West of I-95, Courthouse Road will be widened to four lanes to a point just west of Ramoth Church Road/Winding Creek Road. 
- A traffic signal will be installed at the entrance to Colonial Forge High School. 
- Construction will also realign Ramoth Church Road and Winding Creek Road to intersect at a traffic signal. 
The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will construct this project using the design-build procurement method. 

Construction Schedule

- Construction is estimated to begin this summer. 
- Tentative construction dates have been scheduled for this project. Final schedule information will be available at public meetings before construction begins in summer 2017. 

- Winter-Spring 2017:  Final survey and geotechnical work. 
- Spring 2017:  Right of way acquisition begins for properties affected by the Exit 140 interchange project. 
- Summer 2017:  Construction begins on the Courthouse Road widening project. 
- Winter-Spring 2018:  Construction begins on Exit 140 interchange and the new Park & Ride lot. 
- Late 2019:  Completion of Courthouse Road widening. 
- July 31, 2020:  Construction complete on entire project, with the diverging diamond interchange open to traffic. 

Courthouse Road Park & Ride Lot

- This project will relocate and expand the VDOT Park & Ride lot on Courthouse Road. 
- The existing number of spaces in the lot - 545 parking spaces - will always be available during construction in the vicinity of Exit 140. The contractor is required to provide a minimum of 545 parking spaces at all times in a temporary location while construction is underway. 
- VDOT wants carpools, vanpools and transit riders to continue ridesharing from this I-95 interchange during construction. 
- The new, permanent Park & Ride lot will be moved east of I-95 and expanded to approximately 1,000 spaces. 
- A precise schedule for Park & Ride lot impacts has not been set. As soon as these dates are available, VDOT will communicate with lot users and the community regarding a move to a temporary Park & Ride lot. Commuters can expect to have 545 spaces available throughout construction. 

Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) 

- A diverging diamond interchange (DDI) is an innovative design that is increasingly being built or considered by state transportation departments. 
- The ramp configuration is similar to a traditional diamond interchange. However, traffic on the cross street, Courthouse Road, will switch sides. 
- Traffic is shifted to the left side of the road, which allows vehicles turning left to enter an interstate on-ramp without stopping at a traffic signal.