Brooke Road (Route 608)

Emergency Access Drive and Windermere Drive 

Stafford County and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) have partnered to find solutions to provide an Emergency Access Drive for residents along Brooke Road. This Emergency Access Drive will provide a new, safe way home for the families along Brooke Road during a major weather-related event. The County and VDOT will work together on funding the project and are pleased to deliver on the commitment to improve safety along Brooke Road. This partnership will continue efforts to find a long-term solution for the recurring flooding issues, including the future development of a permanent solution for Brooke Road. Stafford County appreciates the commitment of VDOT, especially for the residents of Brooke Road.


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Stafford County is exploring the development of a potential 2-lane roadway, approximately 800 feet in length, between Windermere Drive and Crestwood Lane to provide through-travel access for Brooke Road area residents when the road is closed to traffic during emergencies. 

Cost and Schedule 

  • Total estimated cost: up to $1.5 million (some of which VDOT will reimburse)
  • Estimated construction start date: Summer/Fall 2022
  • Estimated completion date: Winter 2022/2023

Recent Activity

  • The County has recently contracted with a civil engineering firm for the design of the Emergency Access Drive.
  • VDOT recently completed their aerial survey of Brooke Road and that data is being provided to the County to assist with design efforts.
  • The County anticipates having a conceptual design of the access drive ready for public review and comment by summer 2021

Brooke Road Reconstruction


Stafford County is working towards the realignment and elevation of Route 608 (Brooke Road) between the intersections of Route 609 (Raven Road) and Route 2107 (Maplewood Drive) for a length of approximately 0.45 miles. As a major road project, several mechanisms have to be established to include feasibility, planning, funding, design, bidding, construction and final operation.  

Cost and Schedule

  • Total estimated cost: $7.5 million
  • Estimated design start date: Fall/Winter 2021
  • Estimated completion date: 5-7 years for design and completion of construction 

Recent Activity

  • The County is currently working to develop a hydrologic model that will determine what drainage/stormwater conditions are influencing the flooding along Brooke Road. This model will incorporate information from: 
    • Pre-analysis versus post-analysis of the land cover conditions along Brooke Road, assuming a mostly forested land cover for pre-condition and then look at current land cover conditions for each of the sub-watersheds
    • FEMA floodplain data
    • Analyze Accokeek Creek storm events below the 100-year-flood event
    • Data from the flood sensors, cameras and rainfall collection systems along Brooke Road


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Brooke Road Updates

Comments and Questions received from the public are provided in the link below. Please note, this document is updated weekly with responses to questions received. 

Brooke Road Comments and Questions - Last update April 26, 2021

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