Commercial Electrical

To Apply for a Commercial Electrical/Low Voltage You Will Need: 
  1. Electrical permit application completed and signed by Contractor or Owner (with notarized Affidavit of Owner)
  2. Electronic copy (on CD in PDF format) of electrical drawing including fixture specifications, service and panel riser diagrams etc. Please see Minimum Standards for Low Voltage for additional information.
  3. Administrative and review fees are due at application submittal; please see the current fee schedule for exact amounts.
Please note: Separate permits are needed for all trades. Trade applications that are submitted along with the building application will be reviewed simultaneously. Trade applications submitted independently will require separate plans, reviews, and review fees. When trade applications are submitted with contractors “to be determined” the permits will not be made ready for issuance until the selected contractors sign on to the permit.

After the application is submitted you may check the progress of your permit by calling (540) 658-4151 or on the web at You must have your A/P number to access this information.

The Department of Public Works will contact the applicant when the permit is ready to be issued.

When returning to pick up the permit you will need:
  1. The assigned A/P number and the street address.
  2. A check in the amount of the remaining fees due.

Associated Forms and Resources: