Submitting a Nomination

  1. Employee/team of employees must fill out an Award Submission Form by one of the following options:
    - Complete form and submit online;
    - Download form and email to Awards Coordinator;
    - Pick up form and mail to Human Resources Department, Stafford Administration Center, 1300 Courthouse Road, Stafford, VA 22554.
  2. Form is delivered to the Awards Coordinator.
  3. Award Coordinator distributes to appropriate department for review and substantiation of results.
  4. After submission is reviewed, the information is distributed to Awards Committee members.
  5. Award Committee reviews submission.
  6. Award Committee forwards recommendation to Awards Coordinator.
  7. Award Coordinator submits to County Administrator for Approval.
Award Time Frame
Awards will be based on an idea/project from the calendar year. Award submissions for the preceding year are due by January 31. The Awards Committee will begin the review process after the January 31 deadline and make recommendations to the County Administrator throughout the year, after the idea/project submission has completed the review process.

Review Process
  1. Form is sent to the Awards Coordinator. Awards Coordinator has 2 weeks to review, then refers to appropriate department head.
  2. Department Head reviews within 2 weeks, then returns to Awards Coordinator.
  3. Award Coordinator refers suggestion to Awards Committee. Awards committee has 30 days to review.
  4. Award Committee forwards recommended award to Awards Coordinator.
  5. Award Coordinator submits to County Administrator for approval.
  6. The Awards Committee shall be staffed by the Human Resources Department.
Awards Committee
The Awards Committee consists of an employee from Finance and Budget, Human Resources, Public Information, Utilities, Sheriff/Fire and Rescue, a citizen representative appointed by the Board and a business representative appointed by the Board.

The Awards Coordinator is the Human Resources Director or designee.

Reconsideration of a Suggestion
If a suggestion is not accepted for an award, and a similar idea is subsequently implemented within one year, the employee with the original suggestion may request that the committee reconsider the award. The appropriate agency will be requested to report if there was a direct correlation between the suggestion and the implementation. The reconsideration must be submitted within one year of implementation or there is no reconsideration.

Changes to the Employee Incentive Program
The Committee may make recommendation to modify the suggestion process of the Employee Incentive Program. However, no changes may be made to the amounts of the awards without County Administrator/BOS approval.