Accessory Structures

To apply for an accessory structure permit you will need:

    1. Residential Change Building Permit Application completed and signed by the Contractor (with original signatures of the sub-contractors) or Owner (with notarized Affidavit of Owner)
    2. Building plans and supporting documents; see below for typical shed details. Please note; plans that are on paper sized larger than 11 x 17, or are more than 7 pages long, require an electronic copy (CD in PDF format).
    3. Copy of a lot layout showing existing and proposed structures with the setbacks marked. If disturbing more than 2,500 square feet of land, an engineered site grading plan is required.  Please note; lot layout plans that are on paper sized larger than 11 x 17 require an electronic copy (CD in PDF format).  The modification of an actual recorded survey or plat is prohibited without written permission from the professional who signed and sealed the work; we are unable to accept sealed plats that have been modified without permission.
    4. Please review the Stafford County Soils Testing Policy, a Soils Report may be required for your project.
    5. Administrative and review fees are due at submittal, inspection fees are due at permit issuance, please see our current Fee Schedule for more information.

Associated Forms and Resources: