Urban Development Areas – Courthouse Area Planning


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A consultant team, working with the County through a VDOT UDA Grant, has prepared a report that includes a recommended Small Area Plan for the Courthouse UDA that would be adopted as an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan. In addition, the report includes a draft ordinance that would create a new zoning district that would provide the zoning tools to allow development to occur as envisioned in the UDAs.
The proposed Plan and Ordinances, although specific to the Courthouse Area, can serve as a model for the process that may need to occur in the other UDAs.

October 18, 2011 Presentation to the Board of Supervisors A presentation made to the Board of Supervisors summarizes the process and key elements and recommendations of the Draft Courthouse UDA Plan and Ordinance.

The Plan - Courthouse Area Plan - Main Document (Revised March 29, 2012) The Courthouse UDA Plan builds on the recommendations of the Redevelopment Plan, providing more specific land use and transportation recommendations that account for specific development recommendations from the Comprehensive Plan, topographic constraints, recent public input, and new plans for the Courthouse Road/Interstate 95 interchange, which will alter the transportation patterns in the area. The Plan includes a transportation analysis based on the recommended growth patterns, including recommended road improvements and a desired street network.
Appendix – including draft zoning district

The new Zoning district, the UD, Urban Development, district is developed as a form based code. The district is divided into five subareas, which include development standards that support a range of development patterns consistent with the land use patterns envisioned in the Courthouse UDA Plan.

Specific Maps

Draft Land Use Map

Draft Street Network