Digital Data

Stafford County GIS data is available in an ESRI shapefile format. If you don't have a program that can view shapefiles ArcGIS Explorer can be downloaded free from ESRI.

GIS data can either be downloaded for free from this page or purchased on CD by filling out the data request form and returning it to the GIS office. The cost of digital data will reflect the actual chares of reformatting and duplicating the data. Some files cover the entire county. Others, due to file size, have been broken down into parts of the county. Be certain to request the correct section or tile (contours, streams, taxmap tiles).

We have made the most commonly requested data available for public access through our website. This data is not sufficiently accurate to be used for legal purposes. It is intended for general planning use only.

To download data:

Select the desired file. Right click on the zip file and select Save Target As. Save to your computer and then unzip.

Census 2010 Contours 2' Elevation Zoning County Outline
Easements Election Data Hospitals Hydrology
Hydropoly Imagery Impervious Surfaces
Streets & Railroads
Urban Service Area

*For ownership information tied to the parcels, contact the Commissioner of the Revenue at (540) 658-4132. Ownership information can be linked to the GIS parcels through the LRSN field.