Maintenance Inspection Program


Stormwater management facilities, also known as Best Management Practices (BMPs), are critical components of Stafford County's stormwater drainage system. BMPs help protect streams and properties from flooding and erosion and can improve water quality. To ensure that BMPs perform as expected, they must be properly maintained.

The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, under the authority of the Federal Clean Water Act, has issued Stafford County a municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) permit that requires all BMPs in Stafford County to be regularly inspected and adequately maintained. In addition to the MS4 permit requirements, BMP maintenance inspections are required per County Code Sec. 21.5-5 and/or a maintenance agreement recorded in the Stafford County Clerk's office. Failure by Stafford County to comply with BMP inspection requirements could result in a violation of the conditions of this permit.


Most BMPs are subject to a legally binding maintenance agreement between the property owner and Stafford County. These maintenance agreements require the property owner to perform inspections regularly, and the property owner maintain their BMPs in conformance with certain standards. Routine inspections performed by Stafford County will confirm that the requirements of the maintenance agreement are being met.

Prior to any scheduled BMP inspection, Stafford County will notify the BMP owner by mail. After such time, the Stafford County Department of Public Works will perform the required inspection and provide a written report to the property owner detailing any requirements and/or recommendations for maintenance. In lieu of the County inspection, however, the property owner has the option to perform a self-inspection under certain criteria. It is strongly recommended that a property owner obtain the services of a Registered Design Professional or similar. A written report must be provided to the Stafford County Department of Public Works detailing the condition of the BMP and requirements and/or recommendations for maintenance.

2015 - 2016 Biennial Inspection Schedule

January 2015 July 2015 January 2016 July 2016
February 2015 August 2015 February 2016 August 2016
March 2015 September 2015 March 2016 September 2016
April 2015 October 2015 April 2016 October 2016
May 2015 November 2015 May 2016 November 2016
June 2015 December 2015 June 2016 December 2016

2013 - 2014 Biennial Inspection Schedule

June 2014 December 2013 June 2013
May 2014 November 2013 May 2013
April 2014 October 2013 April 2013
March 2014 September 2013 March 2013
February 2014 August 2013 February 2013
January 2014 July 2013 January 2013


The Stafford County Board of Supervisors has authorized a fee for County-performed inspections of stormwater BMPs. You will be charged a fee of $50 - $300 for each BMP inspected in accordance with the Fee Schedule.

*Please note: Beginning July 1st 2012, a 2.75% technology fee has been assessed and is required for all fees pertaining to BMP maintenance inspections.

For additional information on Stormwater BMP Maintenance, please contact the Environmental Division at (540) 658-8830.