Public Roadway Storm Drainage System

In Stafford County, the storm drainage system associated with any public road is operated and maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation. Additionally, the responsibility for the operation and maintenance of any storm drainage system that is not associated with public roads lies with the property owner (Homeowner’s Association, private residential, or commercial property owners).

Because culverts are designed to collect stormwater runoff, they tend to fill quickly with natural debris such as fallen leaves. If the debris builds up too much, the culvert can become blocked and cause flooding in the local area. Routine culvert maintenance is key to avoiding flooding and costly repairs. Routine culvert maintenance may include grass mowing as well as removal of trash, vegetation, debris or any obstruction that prevents water from flowing through the culvert freely.

Clogged Culvert

If you have a concern about drainage, contact the Environmental Division at (540) 658-8830 to request a site visit to your property. Staff will help identify the problem, determine the party responsible for maintenance, and provide technical assistance as necessary.