CSA Process

Who takes part in the CSA Process?
The CSA requires that the following human service agencies work together to implement the program in the community:
In addition, a parent representative, many of whom also have children and are appointed from the community. Above all, the family's involvement is extremely important and most welcomed!!

TEAMS Working Together
In each community, various teams work together to implement the CSA. In the Stafford County community, these teams are the:
          What is the purpose of participating in a FAPT meeting?
          FAPT evaluates the strengths of individual youths and their families, recommends what services might meet those needs, and prepares an Individual Service Plan (IFSP) for each family. Services can include (but are not limited to) in-home services, mentoring, sex offender treatment, school based services, educational programs, residential programs, and respite care.

          What is the parent/guardian role in the FAPT process?
          Parent/guardian participation is required to develop an effective plan for services. This participation is necessary for FAPT to assess the needs of your child and family.

          What is the FAPT process?

          Step 1Contact is made with a case worker (school social worker, probation officer, child protective services worker, foster care worker, mental health worker) Parent referrals are also accepted by contacting the CSA Office.

          Step 2 The case worker makes a referral to the CSA office and acquires a time/date for the FAPT meeting.

          Step 3The family and the case worker will complete a written referral and a household income assessment. Within this referral you will summarize the strengths and needs of your child and family and also describe the services you are currently receiving and other services you may be seeking. In addition each family must sign a consent to release information to the FAPT and other necessary agencies.

          Step 4 - Family members and the case worker will attend the FAPT meeting at the scheduled time. During this meeting a IFSP will be developed to provide services or referrals for your child and family. Parents/guardians will be asked to sign this IFSP and agree or disagree with the services recommended.

          Step 5 You, your case worker, and the service provider will return to a FAPT meeting for a review of services provided.

          Is my family eligible for services?
          Youths who meet one or more of the following criteria may be eligible for services:
          • has serious emotional or behavioral problems
          • may need residential care or resources beyond normal agency services
          • needs special education through a private school program
          • receives foster care services
          • receives services to prevent foster care placements
          • is under supervision of the Stafford Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court
          • is under the age of 18, or in some cases under the age of 22*
          *Youth aged 22 and under who are eligible for special education and whose Individual Education Plan (IEP) requires education in a private day school or residential placement, are eligible for CSA services until the last day of the school year in which they turn 22 years of age.

          Is there a cost for these services?
          The FAPT may recommend services that are covered by private health insurance, including Medicaid.

          The Children's Services Act for at-risk youth and families (CSA) provides access to funds to provide services to eligible youth and their families. A parental co-pay will be assessed for those services not covered by private health insurance or Medicaid.

          What are my rights?

          Most importantly, you have the right to understand the local CSA process:
          • you have the right to receive information on the local CSA process and timelines for receiving referrals
          • you have the right to be notified before your child is assessed for offered services
          • you have a right to understand the information that you receive and delivered in your native language, if possible
          • you have the right to consent and agree in writing before beginning any services, except when ordered by the court
          • you have the right to read records, challenge information, give permission for release of records and be provided a written copy of the records unless ordered otherwise by the court
          • you have the right to assistance from someone assigned to you as the Case Manager from the FAPT as well as a member of your family, friend, advocate or support person
          • you have the right to review the assessment and service plan
          • you have the right to disagree with the assessment and service plan and place your concerns in writing to the FAPT and/or CPMT and send to the CSA Office PO Box 339 Stafford, VA 22555
          • you have the right to participate and be present for the entire FAPT meeting and discuss your child’s and family’s situation and well as participate in decisions that apply to you and your family
          Who Can I Contact?
          • Children's Services Act Website: http://www.csa.virginia.gov
          • Stafford Court Services Unit: (540) 658-8771
          • Stafford Department of Social Services: (540) 658-8720
          • Stafford County Public Schools: (540) 658-6500
          • Rappahannock Area Community Services Board: (540) 659-2725