Chesapeake Bay Act

Implementation & Enforcement

The Environmental Division of the Department of Public Works is responsible for the enforcement of the requirements of the County's Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area (CBPA) Overlay District. The purpose of the CPBA is to protect, preserve, and improve surface water quality. The CBPA is a requirement of the Commonwealth of Virginia and all localities in "Tidewater" Virginia are required to implement local requirements within their Comprehensive Plans and Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances to protect water quality.

Stafford County's CBPA requirements are listed in Section 28-62 of the Stafford County Zoning Ordinance, a portion of the county code.

Contact Information

More information about the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act in Virginia may be obtained from the Chesapeake Bay Local Assistance of the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation.

For more information on the Chesapeake Bay Act in Stafford County or to report a potential violation of the Bay Act, please contact the Environmental Division by calling (540) 658-8830.