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Historical Resources
Preservation PurposeA view from the Rappahannock River at Falmouth in 1900
Historic preservation is the thoughtful management of cultural resources, which includes historic buildings, sites, structures, objects, and landscapes. The goal is to identify significant cultural resources, protect and preserve those resources, and reuse or restore them according to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards.

Preservation can be used as a mechanism to maintain a community's unique identity. It can also be utilized as a tool for economic development. Whether a cemetery, quarry, mill site, Civil War fortification, plantation house, school, farm complex, or an entire village, our cultural resources enable us to make sense of our past, which in turn helps us to understand our present, and ultimately, guides us in wise planning for our future.

Stafford County History

Stafford County Historical Things To Do   

Stafford County Historic Resource Overlay Districts
    County Code Chapter 28 Article IV 
    Section 28-58 - Historic Resource Overlay District (HR)
    County Historic Resource Overlay District Guidelines
    County Historic Districts Overall Map
County Historic Districts Individual Maps

Historic Preservation Boards

Historic Falmouth District - Master Interpretive Plan - Prepared with funds contributed by Virginia Department of Transportation to assist Stafford County with interpretive programming for the Falmouth Historic District.


Contact Information
To learn more about historic preservation in our community, contact the Department of Planning and Zoning at (540) 658-8668.