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Principles of Responsible, Accountable Government
  • Maintain a balanced budget.
  • Maintain a AAA bond rating with Standard and Poor's and work toward AAA with Fitch Rating Services and Moody's.
  • Fully fund our pension liability including full implementation of the state’s pension reform whereby employees pay approximately one-third of their pension costs.
  • Borrow money only for capital projects and borrow under strict debt limitations.
  • Maintain Reserves
    • 12% undesignated fund balance
    • Reserve for capital projects
    • Rainy Day Reserve (for unforeseen circumstances)
    • Stafford Opportunity Fund (for economic development projects)
  • Report weekly to the Board on costs savings and efficiencies 
  • Estimate revenues very conservatively.
  • Spend less than adopted budgets.
  • Maintain lowest per capita expenditures among peer localities
  • Monitor expenses/revenues weekly.
  • Consistently use innovative practices to run government as efficiently as possible.
  • Provide monthly financial report to the community (via the Board’s statistical report and the Board’s Finance, Audit and Budget Committee’s newsletter).