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Financial, Billing & Project Information
Financial & Rate Structure
The system is self-supporting deriving all of its revenues from its monthly utility fees, one-time payments for connection, availabilities, pro rata infrastructure charges, and miscellaneous other fees and interest income. The county has the power to establish and revise water and wastewater rates and adopts an annual budget and capital improvements program. Financing of capital improvements is provided by system earnings and issuance of revenue bonds.

Billing & Collection Procedures
Customers receive a monthly bill for services, which is due within 25 days of the bill date. Meters are read monthly and are only estimated if the meter is inaccessible or cannot be read due to inclement weather.

A 10% penalty will be added to the bill if it is not paid within the 25 days from the billing date, at which time the bill is delinquent. If the account remains unpaid 40 days from the billing date, the service may be terminated. There is a $30 reconnection fee to reestablish service and an additional fee of $25 if service is reconnected after hours. The county utilizes the Virginia Set-Off Debt Collection Program and the issuance of warrants in debt as collection means.

Infrastructure Improvements
Two new water tanks are coming soon.  The Celebrate Virginia Water Tank, located near Greenbank Road, will increase the water capacity in the Route 17 corridor to provide fire flow for the homes and businesses in the area.  Construction of the tank will begin in winter of 2015/16 with an expected completion in early 2017. 

A new water tank is also under design for the Courthouse area.  This tank will replace an aged tank in the area and will provide additional storage capacity and more consistent water pressure.  The Courthouse Road Water Tank is expected to be completed by mid 2017.

Sewer: There are several projects underway to increase the reliability and capacity of the sewer infrastructure throughout the County.  Construction will begin in spring of 2016 on sewer upgrades along Route 1 between Potomac Hills and Aquia Creek, along Claiborne Run in South Stafford and in the area of Centreport Parkway.  Several other projects are under design as well.

All of these improvements will help the Utilities Department meet our mission to provide water and wastewater services, which satisfy the present and future needs and expectations of our customers and meet all state and federal regulations.