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Erosion & Sediment Control
Major Cause
Construction activity is one of the major causes of sediment entering the waterways. The major reasons why construction activities hasten erosion are exposure of bare soil areas to storm runoff, increased volume of runoff, and changes in surface water patterns adversely affecting the drainage system, slope stability, and effects on existing vegetation.

Proper management of construction activities, as required by local, state, and federal regulations, can minimize soil erosion and control sediment transport. An erosion control provision in a construction site acts as a first line of defense. If the soil is not allowed to erode, there will not be sediment to control. Despite all attempts to minimize, a construction project will most likely leave bare soil exposed to the environment. To prevent soil from leaving the site, measures such as diversion dikes, silt fences, and sediment basins are provided. 


Stormwater Management & Erosion / Sediment Control Plan Review Process
The following types of plans require stormwater management review:
  • Infrastructure Plan 
  • Major Site Plan
  • Preliminary Subdivision Plan
  • Stormwater Management Concept Plan
  • Subdivision Construction Plan
  • Waiver (if stormwater related)
The following plan applications require an erosion and sediment control plan: 
  • Grading Plan (major and minor)
  • Infrastructure Plan
  • Major Site Plan 
  • Subdivision Construction Plan