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Critical Resource Protection Areas
Critical Resource Protection Areas
The Critical Resource Protection Areas (CRPA) is comprised of lands adjacent to water bodies with perennial flow that have an intrinsic water quality value due to the ecological and biological processes they perform or are sensitive to impacts, which may result in significant degradation to the quality of state waters. The CRPA includes:
  • A one hundred-foot vegetated buffer area located adjacent to and landward of these resources, and along both sides of any water bodies with perennial flow
  • Non-tidal wetlands connected by surface flow and contiguous to tidal wetlands or water bodies with perennial flow
  • Tidal shores
  • Tidal wetlands  

The generalized location of CRPAs within the county will be displayed on the county’s interactive Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The limits of the RPA will reflect changes resulting from perennial flow studies completed over the past six years. There are still many streams that have not been evaluated so, therefore, it is recommended that property owners contact the Department of Planning and Zoning with questions regarding streams by calling (540) 658-8668.