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Marriage Commissioners
Marriage commissioners are individuals authorized by the court to perform marriages in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Ministers listed are those who have expressed a willingness to perform marriages for the laity.

Marriage celebrants are authorized to charge $50 for mere performance of a marriage at their residence or place of business.  "Celebrants are free to negotiate additional fees with the parties to the marriage; however, for traveling to other locations, for attendance at rehearsals, for providing facilities or accommodations for wedding guest, and for other optional services, including reimbursement for mileage and other out-of-pocket expenses."  (Title 20-27 and the 1992 Report of the Attorney General 101)

List of Local Marriage Commissioners
Name Phone
Elijahdamuhammad Abdullahmuhammad (540) 760-7265   (540) 226-9444
Tracey Bilodeau n/a (540) 273-1695
Virginia Chilton (540) 710-1230 (540) 373-2586
Angelo Christiano (540) 659-6786 n/a
Ruth Fitzgerald (540) 371-4218 (540) 220-3406
Rosie Jenkins (540) 659-7780 n/a
Rita Ohlert-Paul (540) 373-8714 n/a 
Rev. Ronald R. Scites Jr. 
(540) 370-8511
Donna L. Sayre (540) 659-3830 n/a
Irene M. Voide     (540) 659-0835 (540) 220-8932

*Revised on 10/7/2014