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Current Campaign Finance Reports
Ensuring Open & Honest Campaign Disclosure

The Virginia State Board of Elections maintains electronically filed campaign financial data for General Assembly and statewide candidates, as well as any local candidates who opt for electronic filing. Summary information on the same candidates may be found at the nonprofit Virginia Public Access Project. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) maintains electronically filed reports for candidates for federal office. The FEC filing schedule for federal office candidates is slightly different from the scheduled for Virginia state and local candidates.

We only post .pdf versions of paper reports filed by local candidates and elected officials. We do not re-post reports from local candidates and elected officials who have opted to e-file through the State Board of Elections. While every effort will be made to provide online reports as soon as possible following each report filing deadline, their availability may be delayed. 

Some of the candidates/office holders below were originally paper filers and their paper versions can be found below; but, if they have since changed to become e-filers, then their reports can be found at the State Board of Elections.

Current Finance Reports
  • Milde III, Paul                                             
  • Rudy, Laura                                             
  • Sterling, Cord                                
  • Thomas Jr., Robert