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Posted on: April 19, 2017

Stafford Board Approves FY18 Budget


Stafford, Va - The Stafford Board of Supervisors passed a budget that lowers the personal property tax on vehicles by four cents and maintains all other property tax rates. The adopted $286,415,159 FY18 Budget continues to focus on the Board’s priorities for the community, including providing funds for public safety, education, infrastructure improvements, planning for the future of the new courthouse and using revenues to preserve open space.

 “We are pleased to be able to lessen the tax burden on our citizens while still providing the same high level of service provided by our public safety, schools, parks and government services,” said Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Paul Milde, Aquia District. “Additionally, we are devoting more money to our Purchase of Development Rights Program to add to the 10,000 acres of open space we have already saved. We also continue to strive to fulfill the needs of our public safety staffing plan by funding four new Sheriff’s Office deputies and two new Fire and Rescue positions.”

The FY18 Budget was driven by the need to cover the debt service on the cost of the record number of projects completed by Stafford in the last few years as well as to provide a stream of funding for future capital needs, such as a new courthouse, and school projects.

 “We take our role as financial stewards very seriously and are always examining every expenditure to make sure it reflects our responsible financial practices,” said Supervisor Wendy Maurer, Chairman of the Finance, Audit and Budget Committee. “Revenues were up this year and we were able to find a way to cut personal property taxes while still providing for the needs of our growing county.”

The FY18 Budget is built around the Board’s priorities for the community, which are, Education, Public Safety, Infrastructure, Economic Development and Service Excellence, all of which are encompassed by an overall theme of Fiscal Responsibility and Reducing the Tax Burden.

  • Fiscal Responsibility and Reducing the Tax Burden – Cuts personal property tax by four cents, maintains other  tax rates, continues focus on achieving a third AAA bond rating, establishes revenue stream for large capital projects and grants
  • Education – Increases in mandated private day school funds by $760,000, funds County share of 2% raise for all School employees, maintains level operating transfer per student and provides funds for School Board’s Capital Improvement Program



April 19, 2017

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  • Public Safety – Funds four new Sheriff’s Office deputies, a Fire and Rescue position and a fire inspector

Infrastructure – Implements capital program for roads, parks, schools and general government projects, increased debt service of $1.6M, increases funds for the Purchase of Development Rights Program, establishing funding stream for future firefighter SAFER grant positions

Economic Development – Fully funds the Stafford Opportunity Fund to attract businesses to the county and enhances funding to implement the Economic Development Strategic Plan

Service Excellence – Provides for a new law clerk position for the courts, a Social Services position, a building inspector position, a conversion of a part-time to a full-time position for a Gymnastics Program Coordinator, a conversion of two part-time positions to one full-time position for an IT Technician and an IT Security Administrator.  Funds a 2% salary increase for employees and implements market adjustment to improve competitiveness and equity.

The FY18 Budget will be available online at

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